photo credit: Waiting via photopin (license)

photo credit: Waiting via photopin (license)

As many of you all might know, I have been pursuing acting for a while now. It wasn’t until last year that I started actually booking jobs and decided to make it my main hustle. So far, I’ve done extra roles on five television shows, a web series, six movies, and I’ve auditioned for a few projects as well. Not bad for someone who is just starting to get into an industry they have dreamed about being in ever since they were a child. The road to get to this point was not easy by any means, but I’m happy to say that when God gives you a vision and you act accordingly, He’ll meet you halfway and give you more than what you originally asked for.

I was thinking about being on the set of a project last summer. I had met the director a few months prior when I came in to audition for a part, so we already knew each other. Based on observations, he probably knew me more than he knew some of the other extras that had been cast for his project. In between takes, while the crew were setting up cameras for the next shot, the director looked over at me from across the room and asked, “Hey Herbert, how’s it going?” I casually said, “Everything is cool. Just waiting.” He laughed and repeated what I said. He then said, “Yeah, isn’t that what this is all about? Just waiting.” He then went on to say how he did a ton of extra work when he first started and how you just sit in a holding area and wait for lengthy periods of time before you’re called onto set to actually do some filming. It’s true. Much of being an extra (or a main actor) involves waiting. However, it also applies to life in general.

Life is many things. It’s a hustle. It’s filled with many twists and turns. It’s about going into unknown territories. But it’s also about waiting. In fact, you spend much of your life waiting. You wait for that person you like to text or call you back. You wait to see your favorite TV show or movie. You wait to hear back from jobs or internships to see if you got an interview or got hired. But, in waiting, we must not be impatient. It can be frustrating at times when certain plans don’t come into fruition or when things don’t happen at a faster rate. You start to wonder if there’s something you’re doing wrong, or if there’s something you’re not doing enough of. Sometimes you might question if you’re pursuing the right thing altogether.

The truth is if it feels right and it’s aligned with your vision, then you’re doing just fine. Great things simply take time and cannot be rushed. When things are rushed, undesirable results often ensue. The waiting period is designed for you to prepare for what’s about to come – the things you desire, your ultimate goals, and what’s really meant for you. It’s also the time for what’s meant for you to be prepared for you. In the meantime, just learn to enjoy and appreciate the process. The process itself can be equally rewarding.

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