You can make a difference right where you are, with what you have.

-Vau’ve Anais Davis

I n world plagued with narcissism, Vau’ve Anais Davis is a rare gem. A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (U of I) with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, her primary mission has always been to use her gifts and talents to serve others.

After graduating from the U of I, Davis carried her passion for helping others into the non-profit sector. There she worked for two youth organizations, spearheading efforts to secure over $300,000 in grants, develop and execute programs, and provide social and career development services to teens.

Still feeling she had the capacity to make a greater impact and wanting to create a legacy for herself, Davis founded Official Anais PR (Official Anais), a Chicago-Based public relations consulting firm in 2010.


Dubbed “The Connector,” Official Anais was born out of Davis’s desire to connect people and concepts to achieve their desired goals. “I did it so much I figured I needed to create a channel for profit and an opportunity to build a brand legacy” she explains.

The purpose of the company Davis says is two-fold, “to elevate the brands of local entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits to national levels, and to give back to the community.”

Through her company, she counsels clients on ways to use their professional platforms to create legacies that will make a difference long after their gone.

Even with a prospering company and growing list of notable clientele, Davis refuses to slow down. In September 2013 she launched the Shark Tank Social, a monthly networking event for fans of the show Shark Tank and Chicago professionals looking to develop their business. 


Her show The Vauve Report, a guide to Chicago’s most exclusive networking events, airs on Comcast every Friday at 7:30 p.m.

And Davis has launched two charitable projects. The “Charity Corner” blog, where she features nonprofit organizations/charities, with hopes of providing these organizations with a platform to secure funds so they can continue to successfully serve their causes. And secondly her annual Toy Drive where she has donated the proceeds to numerous causes and local charities for over three years.

In addition to her own ventures, Davis serves as the Community Relations Coordinator for Endee Magazine; the Public Relations and Marketing Chair to the Bellwood Lions Club Committee; and the Director of Communications for the Emerging Leaders Commission.

Fortunately for Davis, her work has not gone unnoticed. In 2013, Official Anais received the Best Non-Profit PR and Event Planning Firm Award from Black Celebrity Giving, and a Humanitarian Award from Fashion Arts & Humanitarian Fetes. Davis was also recognized as one of the most powerful women on the South Side by GoShorty.net along with other distinguished honorees.


With all Davis has accomplished, we asked her what was the biggest lesson she learned that could help someone else along their journey.

She told us,“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that you can make a difference right where you are, with what you have. And I’ve learned to get out my own way (mentally). When I was younger I always thought I was working toward some specific place or income that would allow me to live my dream. Today I understand that my potential is not limited to my socioeconomic  status, age or education. My passion was to assist single mothers. Then I realized I was already afforded the opportunity to bless them through my volunteer efforts and my annual Toy Drive.”


Davis concludes by stressing the importance of branding yourself, “I firmly believe that your brand is your ministry. Build your BRAND, start a LEGACY!

Vau’ve Anais Davis, we here at Livin’ Like Maya celebrate you for your honorable service and philanthropy.  We salute you for urging and teaching others to build legacies that will be impactful long after their gone. And we thank you for reminding us that a brand is not just for major corporations, but for anyone wanting to make a difference right where they are.

Continue to illuminate the world with your light, share your wisdom so the lives of others might be changed, and last but never least, live, learn and evolve each day. We pray nothing but God’s continued blessings over your life.

 With love,

 The Livin’ Like Maya Fam

To learn more about Vau’ve and her company visit her at:

Twitter: @OfficiaAnais

IG: Official Anais PR


Contact VDavis@OfficialAnaisPR.com.

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