“I recognize the power that testimonies have on others.” -Yinka Rufai

            In a country where more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese[1], no wonder calorie counting has become the new black. Medical professionals such as Dr. Oz and entertainers like Jennifer Hudson, are hitting the airwaves inspiring the American public to grab themselves by their waistlines,  and get healthy.

As social media continues to advance, blogging and other various outlets are opening doors for extra ordinary individuals to hop off their scales, and enter the world of healthy living and wellness.

 Meet Chicago native Yinka Rufai. She’s an actuary by day, and nerd at heart who makes her healthy lifestyle look fun, funky and of course–fabulous. When faith, health, and inspiration are served on a platter, could you expect anything less?

Yet anyone who has ever attempted to change his or her lifestyle, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual, knows it doesn’t happen overnight.

 Weighing in at 260 pounds in high School, Yinka’s friends and family urged her to take notice of her weight. As a result, she tried all kinds of “kooky diets” that didn’t work in her favor. As the scale teetered back and forth, she soon realized that her struggle to achieve an outer body transformation would have to start from within.

It wasn’t until college that she decided to do something different. This time,  she chose to lose the weight for HERself. She thought out loud, saying, “There is a gym right across the street that I am paying for with my tuition money. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?”

Yinka recounts, “I had plenty of time on my hands, so I decided to use that summer to create a schedule where I could go to class, work, and work out.” Her decision to, “just do it” was just the first step of many to come.

 And…she did it!

 Today, Yinka weighs in at 175 pounds and she looks and feels A-M-A-Z-I-N-G from the inside out.

 As she began to shed her weight in the spring of 2012, she decided to document her 85 plus pound weight loss journey on YouTube. When asked when did she realize the impact of her weight loss on others, she answered, “Within three months of uploading my first video, I received 50,000 views and reached over 5,000 subscribers!”

“At that moment I recognized the power that testimonies have on others. Since then I have made several video blogs, and I now have tens of thousands of subscribers supporting me on my weight loss journey.”

Yinka’s decision to share her journey with others has paved the way for the recent launch of her very own website http://www.yinkarufai.com/ . As you navigate her site, one can find many useful and witty tips on fitness, meal plans, beauty, hair and much more.

 As an added touch, she provides plenty of videos and before and after photos of herself.  Yinka says of her website, “I made sure to construct my website to define me in a way that is transparent as possible for my viewers. I want others to view my entire lifestyle, what I embody, and my character as I continue forward with my life.”

 Life is a journey filled with obstacles. For Yinka, those obstacles included workout machines such as the infamous elliptical and treadmill, and sticking to her diet. “I remember my very first day at a gym: I got on an elliptical, set it for 30 minutes, and then 15 minutes later my body was like “Forget that!” So I got off and left. It definitely takes dedication to keep going back, but you need to realize how amazing the body is.”

 When asked how she stays focused and maintains her lifestyle, she says, “I know I am not functioning on my own strength. On my own I am not that resilient of a person. It is entirely God.” Humility, faith, and compassion for others are just a few characteristics that will make Yinka Rufai a household name. We truly believe she will be similar if not more so,  than Dr. Oz and Jennifer Hudson, when it comes to health and overall wellness.

 Yinka Rufai, we here at Livin’ Like Maya celebrate you for making “getting fit” look and feel fabulous. We thank you for sharing your testimony to inform, engage, and inspire others that they too can live healthier lifestyles. As you put it, “I changed for the better not only physically, but mentally, socially and spiritually as well.” We welcome and embrace your decision, yes, YOUR decision to change, and allow others to follow your lead and do the same.

Continue to illuminate the world with your light, share your wisdom so other’s lives might be changed, and last but never least, live, learn and evolve each day. We pray nothing but God’s continued blessings over your life.

With love,     

The Livin’ Like Maya Fam

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[1] http://www.cdc.gov/obesity/adult/index.html


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